Saturday, 12 March 2011

Blog to Begin All Blogs...An Intro

Wow, that's a bit of a cocky blog title, but its not intended to be a showy one, more to show appreciation, gratitude, addiction,

OK....Love. I just said it, I Love blogs.

It's everything about them, and embaressingly, the word:         blog        It's just beautiful in every way; short, simple, instantly meaningful yet gobeldy-gook simultaneously. Serious, fictitious, anonymous, general, specific, blogs are a big source of inspiration for me, I realised. Albeit half an hour ago.

But it's been dawning on me for a few days now, I guess it's been that two of my housemates, and good mateys, Mason and Mikey have just started blogging about their really awesome climbing/crushing/puntering/inspiring exploits. Add the discovery of good blogs by people I sort of know and those I will never know. Equals the admittance that I really like blogs.

I have also always wanted a climbing blog too.... I'm a bit worried that it's an ego thing, but I'd like to think it might be a source of inspiration to someone, somewhere. :-)

This, combined with my less than crystal clear mentality I have decided to start blogging. As the two of my subjects could make for a fairly weak blogs individually are combined to make the super-est blog EVER!!!

So the deal is; my musings on blogs, life and climbing and potentially my life in general. And I'll try and make them as varied, inspiring and well-written I possibly can with the use of various graphical delightful cheats (Videos and photos and drawings, maybe graphs too....who knows!)

Stay tuned for good blogs, bad blogs, climbing and monkeying around!!!

Dunc :-D

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